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Jianzhong Chen, L.Ac
Dipl. Ac. & OBT (NCCAOM)

New Jersey Licensed Acupuncturist


Jianzhong Chen comes from a five-generation Chinese medical family. He has over 30 years of clinical experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)-Chinese herbs, acupuncture and tuina(Chinese Massage). He teaches Chinese tuina at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Mercy College, New Center College, Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine, and Somerset School of Massage Therapy Since 1996. 

Dr. Chen began his TCM training at an early age. Through many years of practice his hands have become very powerful, with the appearance of “dragon’s claws”. They have magical and therapeutic effects on his patients. Dr.Chen's expert knowledge and his wealth of experience make him highly popular with his students.


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    ------Dr.Chen is Liberal NJ Talk Radio Host Jack Ellery  
(WCTC1450) 's Favorite Doctor, click below:

     ------Dr.Chen is also an acupuncturist in Plainsboro, NJ click below:


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