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What U can expect from Tui Na
            No needle  • No pain • Just relaxing

Q: What are the benifits of tui na therapy?

A: The benifits of massage are many.  Massage is a non-drug method of controling cronic pain.  During a massage, the body is relaxed, stress and toxins are released.  The mind is calmed.  .   Massage can also relieve tension in your muscles, and most people use it for relaxation, relief of stress and anxiety, or to reduce muscle soreness. Massage can also cause your body to release natural painkillers, and it boosts your immune system.

We strongly recommends Chinese Tui Na on a weekly to monthly basis for:


*Facial Rejuvenation                                              

*Chronic Back Pain

*Chronic Headaches                 

*Sexual Dysfunction          

Hormone Regulation         

*General Body Tension

*Neck & Lower Back Pain

*Nervous System Balance

*Immune system enhancement

*Physical and Emotional Discomforts

*Circulation and EnergyImprovement




Q: How can I benifit from  forms of bodywork?

A: Tui Na, Reflexology and acupressure can increase the effectiveness of energy and spirt. Facial massage can reduce the wrinkles, smooth and lustre your skin.

Q: I have a chronic illness, is tui na and bodywork safe? 

A: Tui Na and other forms of bodywork are benifitial for managing cronic illnesses.  However, when you are under the care of a Doctor, it is best to discuss the benifits and risks of any treatment with them. Heart disease, Cancer and HIV are a few conditions where a Doctor's referral would be required before treatment could begin. 

Q: Can I benifit from tui na even if I don't have pain?

A: Yes you can!  We all have stress.  We are all busy.  We all get old.  Tui Na and bodywork will relieve your stress.  It will gives you some you time.  The results will help your face, spirt and body stay healthy and feeling young!  Once the tuina treatment is completed, the patient will feel a tremendous sense of wellbeing, peace and joy; and will also look more radiant and youthful. 

Q: How often should I have a tui na or bodywork treatments?

A: This really depends on what your situation is and what you would like to accomplish. When you should recieve your next treatment will always be discussed after each session.

  Tui Na Massage Therapy

      An excellent massage that gets rid of deep-rooted knots and tension points, especially in the neck and shoulders. A strong treatment and a superb way to relax.

     1hr            $120
     1/2hrs        $75

   Anti-stress Therapy

      If you’re hankering after some long-lasting stress relief and a fantastic feeling of wellbeing, choose a transforming hour of light or intense hands-on Anti-stress Therapy.

     1/2hrs        $75

Head, Neck & Arm

      Close your eyes and let go of all that tension in your head, neck and arms. This is a wonderful massage for boosting circulation, improving your focus and enhancing your concentration.                                       

      1/2hrs    $75

Chair Massage

      A 10-minute taster of our invigorating back, neck, shoulder and arm massage.

      10mins   $25 

Tuina for facial rejuvenation

    A half an hour facial massage is good for  improvement of facial skin and muscle tone; relaxation of facial and eye muscles; relief from tension headaches and facial pain; alleviation of stress and anxiety; overall physical and mental relaxation.
    1/2hrs    $75
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