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Tui Na--Chinese Massage

Tuina has over 5,000 years of history in China. It is a traditional method of massage using pressure, manipulations such as rolling, kneading, rubbing ,scrubbing, grasping, patting, tapping, shaking, wiping, one-finger meditation and a variety of approaches to promote Qi and blood flow within the body. It is an extensive treatment system used independently as well as an adjunct to acupuncture. In comparison with other types of massages such as shiatsu, Swedish, anmo, sports and lymphatic massage, Chinese Tuina offers a wider variety of hand techniques and has proven to have far better clinical effects. It is not only preventive medicine, but also conventional medicine. Tuina can be called the “Mother of Massage Therapy”.

Tuina is based on moving and building the “Qi”. “Qi” is vital energy, blood follows. Qi in the body runs along unseen energy pathways call channels or meridians. These meridians connect the internal organs with the muscles, tendons, bones and tissues, enabling the body to function as a unified whole. Qi can become obstructed along the meridians in many ways causing imbalance and thus, a decline in health. Once the obstruction or disease is removed, Qi is vitalized establishing full health as well as strengthen the body’s natural resistance to disease.

The purpose of tuina is release the innate healing ability of the person so that their body can maintain health and resist disease. This is accomplished in the tuina treatment whereby specific hand techniques are used to guide healing energy which stimulates the meridians and certain points along the meridians. In tuina, “manipulation” is the key. Different massagers with the same manipulation produce different effects: a highly skilled massager produces a high curative effect while poorly skilled produces poor effects. 
        Regular tuina treatments can promote healthier body and longer life.

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